Internal Comms
Airline Moves
AGENCY: The Team
CLIENT: BAA Heathrow

The opening of Heathrow Terminal 5 has led to the most complex airline relocation programme ever undertaken. Over a 21-month period ending in January 2010, 50 of Heathrow’s airlines are moving terminals with a view to reducing cross-airport transfers and accelerating journey times for passengers.

The Team were asked to develop an internal communications programme to help support the relocation process. The programme was developed into three key steps, each with its own objective aligned to the overall business target. These key steps involved developing an internal brand for the programme, Airline Moves, with accompanying messaging; briefing sessions; induction and training; and ongoing employee engagement.

Despite numerous challenges, Airline Moves performed extremely well against its KPIs, ensuring that no flights were affected by the relocations, and 100% of staff knew what to do on day one. This meant no disruption to operations and a seamless passenger experience.