Harrow Clicks
AGENCY: The Team
CLIENT: Harrow Council

Harrow Council was struggling to persuade local people to shift their interactions with the council from direct access points to cheaper online services. The council had established that dealing with a customer online costs just 17p, compared to £7.73 face-to-face. But old habits die hard, and many locals seemed reluctant to embrace the new services.

The Team were commissioned to design a campaign to shift people away from direct information routes to online customer experiences. Keeping things simple, they came up with Harrow Clicks, plus six supporting campaign lines targeting specific business areas. A cursor graphic was also developed, and the designs were rolled out across a range of print and merchandising collateral.

Since launch, the campaign has led to a 33% increase in council website users, and a 133% increase in transactions performed online. Around £150K worth of payments have been made online, leading to savings of over £200K.