Bassetts Soft & Chewy Vitamins
CLIENT: Ernest Jackson

As a brand entity, Bassetts Soft & Chewy children’s vitamins had become so integrated with its packaging that it had become lost to the consumer. With strong ‘Jelly Baby’ design echoes and associations, the brand conveyed confectionary sweetness rather than vitamin efficacy.

Design Activity were asked to re-launch the entire Bassetts range to help ease confusion and strengthen and exploit Bassetts brand values. After a thorough design audit, the agency decided to retain the Bassetts Baby for the younger children’s pack, but re-crafted it to achieve more stylistic warmth and personality. Meanwhile new colour systems, imagery and typography were used to help distinguish the older age-range products.

The re-launch accelerated Bassetts growth ahead of the market, with value sales achieving a 49% growth rate, equating to £245K in retail sales. The new designs helped to enhance brand credibility and shift consumer perceptions, ultimately increasing its market share by 26%.