AGENCY: Brandhouse

Beyond the UK, Ireland and the Middle East, Galaxy chocolate is sold in many markets as Dove. Mars wanted to carry out a major brand refresh, and set out to find a new design which could be applied to Galaxy and Dove in all current and potential new markets.

Brandhouse took up the challenge, and rebuilt the brand around the emotional indulgence and private rituals that surround chocolate consumption. Using the idea that ‘the thought of chocolate heightens the pleasure’, Brandhouse created a hierarchy of anticipation across the range, using silk as a graphic device to tantalise and tease. A more sensual logo was introduced and emotional resonance given to sub-brand variants.

The new design alone increased penetration by 7.8%, with a value growth of 7.9% year-on-year. By the end of 2007, with advertising support, Galaxy had achieved a 16% market share (+1.8%), plus increasing demand from new markets overseas.