AGENCY: Elmwood
CLIENT: Godfreys

Australia and New Zealand’s specialist cleaning retailer, Godfreys, wanted to inject life into their own-brand range. Their one established vacuum cleaner, Wertheim, lagged behind the two market leaders. Godfreys were keen to claw back market share, but their product lacked clear positioning and understanding of customer expectations.

Elmwood were asked to come up with a new own-brand definition. Using consumer research, they set about creating a new brand to target customers seeking ‘quick, easy and painless’ cleaning, while repositioning Wertheim to capitalise on trends towards higher-end technology. Colour, typography and language were used to create the more playful ‘ivac’ brand, while the revamped Wertheim brand communicated serious ‘deep cleaning’.

The project resulted in a 10.6% increase in Wertheim sales during 2008, with a 45-fold return on investment and a 2% share of the total Australian vacuum market. Ivac, meanwhile, has successfully created additional category growth for the business.