CLIENT: Nestle/Ski

In 2008 Nestle’s Ski was threatened with delisting. With numerous re-launches destroying brand coherence, and price-promotions diluting its value, the iconic fruit yogurt had lost its way. An urgent and definitive overhaul was needed.

Coley Porter Bell were called in to help. Seeing that Ski had neglected its roots, they focused ruthlessly on the core of the brand, its fruit heritage, and its value to customers. Targeting working mums, the agency re-formatted the product to deliver an all natural ingredients story, using the positioning ‘naturally delicious yogurt’. The design solution then connected Ski back to nature by showing an abundance of fruit in its natural environment, with roll-out across packaging and print advertising.

Post re-launch, qualitative research confirmed that the ‘all-natural’ message had been received by consumers, while value and volume sales rose by 20%, with a year-on-year sales lift of 40%. And with delisting averted, Ski has found its way once more.