When all that glitters turns gold

Judging Process

There are two stages of judging and two judging panels.

Stage one
The first panel of judges will review each entry to determine whether it meets the standards required to win an Award. They will assess how well the entry has performed against criteria such as ‘cause and effect’, ‘scale of effect’, ‘clarity of results’, ‘explanation and proof of effect’ and ‘clarity of presentation’.

Stage two
The second panel of judges will decide the level of Award each short-listed entry should win depending on the strength of the case. The Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards recognise and reflect the achievement of all the short-list in reaching this stage.

The stage two judging panel will also select the winners of the Grand Prix and other special Awards, also to be presented at the ceremony.

Although the judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into, after the Award ceremony, entrants may apply for feedback in order to help inform their future entries.